Welcoming Reception

Join colleagues and the AUA for an astounding adventure in aviation and out-of-this-world event! The 2011 Welcoming Reception invites you to explore the remarkable history of flight and space at the world-famous National Air and Space Museum.

Pilot your way through historic flying machines. Embark on your own spectacular voyage in "To Fly," the legendary IMAX film. Orbit among the stars in a dazzling planetarium show. Dine from a stellar array of delicacies and dance your way through galaxies and galleries that showcase man's exploration of space.

Tickets are $95. Take flight to this extraordinary event! Purchase tickets at checkout when you register.

Hands-On Courses
This year's Annual Meeting features 16 hands-on courses, providing more hands-on opportunities than ever before. Click here to learn more.
Specialty Tracks
AUA2011 features 15 specialty tracks, allowing you to build your own educational experience!
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to learn more.
Live Surgeries
Two live surgeries will be broadcast during this year's Annual Meeting. Click here to learn more.
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